The SharePoint Framework has gone through many revisions since its introduction some time in early 2017. I have compiled this version matrix by scanning release notes of previous versions of the platform for future reference.

At the time of writing I am unaware of any officially documented compatibility issues between versions of SpFx and Node. But it is probably a good idea to respect versions when building/deploying old web parts using legacy versions of SpFx.

Using this Table

The table below lists only versions of SpFx where the Node version was incremented or changed. If you are looking for 1.8.0 for example, you'd want to use Node 8LTS since they switched to Node 10 at 1.8.2

SpFx Compatibility Matrix

SharePoint Framework (SpFx) Version Supported Node Version
Reference Link
Pre 1.0 4 LTS Documentation Commit History for OCT 17 2016 "Drop 5"
1.0 - 1.4.0

Documentation Commit History just prior to SpFx 1.0 Release

Documentation Commit History just prior to SpFx 1.4.0 Release
1.4.1 8 LTS

SpFx 1.4.1 Release Notes
1.8.2 10 LTS
SpFx 1.8.2 Release Notes
1.9.1 10 LTS Release notes do not mention node version, and documentation remains unchanged after 1.9.1 drop
1.10 TBD

what version of node do I need for SpFx SharePoint Framework
what version of node is compatible with SpFx version
SpFx node compatibility
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