Set Database Names for Search Service Application in SharePoint 2016

Unless you script SharePoint installation using AutoSpInstaller or a similar tool, you may not be able to choose database names when creating service applications. When creating a Search Service Application, 4 databases are created in the background: Admin database (primary, stores all configuration) Analytics Crawl Links Changing the names of the search databases is a painstaking process involving shutting down search, detaching the databases and running some Powershell. If you [Read More]

GOGS: How to set up an SSH key when using Docker

Connecting to Git via SSH improves development quality-of-life via username & password prompt liberation. The gist is to replace the standard username and password prompt in git with public-key-encryption. There are a number of security benefits to moving credentials to SSH in Git in addition to the QoL improvements. I don't plan to go into how to set up Gogs with Docker as it is fairly straightforward, but I can [Read More]

Piwik Analytics for Ghost using Docker and Caddy

If you want to see how many people are visiting your site you will need some kind of analytics. Piwik is great because it is open source and works well with Docker. Read on for documented steps to install Piwik with Docker and Caddy. Piwik depends on MySQL so I'm going to be installing that too. Swap Space This whole process would have been pretty straightforward if I had listened [Read More]

Adding Comments to Ghost with Disqus

For blog articles I visit, the comments section can be more helpful than the actual article's content. Often times the comment section contains the solution I am looking for. Because of these and other reasons interesting to me I have set up comments on this blog. The platform I have chosen is Disqus. I chose Disqus for a few reasons Pricetag (free) Simplicity Opt-out of ad experience The first I [Read More]

SSL reverse proxy with Caddy, Docker and Let's Encrypt

After building my Ghost Docker container I wanted to make sure that everything is served encrypted over the internet at the insistence & coercion of my peers. Setting up SSL using Caddy, Docker and Let's Encrypt is simple. Read on for steps on how to accomplish this configuration. Introducing Let's Encrypt Let's Encrypt is an organization dedicated to providing free, secure and trusted SSL certificates to anyone who can prove [Read More]