SharePoint Framework SPFx Node Version Compatibility Matrix

The SharePoint Framework has gone through many revisions since its introduction some time in early 2017. I have compiled this version matrix by scanning release notes of previous versions of the platform for future reference. At the time of writing I am unaware of any officially documented compatibility issues between versions of SpFx and Node. But it is probably a good idea to respect versions when building/deploying old web [Read More]

Hosting Secure Cloud WordPress with Caddy & Docker

Some notes from implementing Wordpress with Caddy and Docker Prerequisites There are a few prerequisites before Caddy will be able to negotiate a certificate from Let's Encrypt: 1. Valid domain name that you own 2. DNS configured to point your domain to your server 3. DNS propagated For more information on how to set up Caddy you can refer to the Caddy documentation or my articles on the subject SSL [Read More]

Restricting Files & Paths in Caddy

I received an email today from an independent security researcher which detailed a vulnerability in I am using a pretty old version of the Ghost docker image which apparently serves a directory which is a Git repository (including a .git folder). The vulnerability exploited my permissive Caddy configuration to access the git HEAD. To reproduce, the researcher built a robot to hit websites at /.git/HEAD. Read all [Read More]

Improve SharePoint Framework Build Times by hacking Gulp and Webpack

SharePoint Framework (SpFx) is the latest-and-greatest way to build web parts and bolt on modifications to SharePoint Online (SpFx also has a limited on-premises capability with SharePoint 2016). Adopting SpFx has been mostly a positive experience but as with any new technology there are challenges and growing pains. One challenge specifically is creeping build times for our core project. As web parts, extensions and core libraries are added, it takes [Read More]

Debugging SharePoint Framework Extensions in FireFox and VS Code

Quickly jotting down my notes on how to debug SpFx extensions with FireFox & Code. This probably applies to SpFx web parts as well. Install FireFox the Debug Adapter The Microsoft instructions for debugging using Chrome are pretty much in play here, the only difference is you'll be installing the FireFox debugging adapter extension rather than the Chrome extension, and using a different configuration schema. The FireFox debug adapter has [Read More]